Working in the management team of a field service business or company, especially a small one, might sound like an easy task. You get to assign other people what to do and that’s about it. In reality, no matter how big or small the company is, it’s an exhausting job especially when you notice the huge pile of papers mocking you from the corner of your desk. Schedules to be confirmed, tasks to be assigned, work orders and other nightmares. You know you’re going to have an overtired day.

91% of field businesses request digital scheduling and dispatching systems to make daily tasks easier.

Major Hardships in FSM

Field Service Management comes with a lot of strenuous tasks. Recording all the complaint details made by the customer, setting schedules, assigning field jobs, providing right resources and many other challenges are needed to be taken on. Not being able to put your best effort and complete these duties simply means that you are unable to perform up to the expectations. A business cannot grow without achieving its goals, performing good and meeting expectations.

Field Specific Problems

Field Service isn’t just difficult for the management. It brings hardships for almost everyone working in this industry. Customer Service Representatives have to get down all the details about the customer’s complaints. This requires a lot of analysis and the right mindset to figure out the necessary details. Technicians have to cope with the schedule, getting to the right place on the right time and making sure they have the right resources. Customer’s also face some worries such as knowing if the worker is good or not, keeping a track of worker’s progress and signing paperwork after their problem is solved.

Overcoming the Hardships

Fortunately, there is a solution to tackle these problems and that is using Field Service Management software and Field Service Mobile Applications. These apps are easy to use and provide a great solution to all the nerve wrecking problems. Service management mobile app, mobile technician app, mobile work order app and other such apps make Field Service management much easier. Most tasks are completed without any effort at all and show consistent results. This proves to be very advantageous for businesses and opens up many windows for their growth.

Implementation of the Solution

The job of Customer Service Representatives is made easier with digital work order and pre-defined questions for problem analysis that saves a lot of effort and time getting all the details about customer’s problems. After a task is created from the work order, it is saved in the dispatcher board and its status is also shown whether it has been assigned or not, awaiting technician’s approval or awaiting equipment. This provides much simplicity for the management team. With the technician app platform for mobile devices, the field workers can see all the scheduled tasks, select the resources of his choice for the job, check all task details and see customer’s location and information. Digital sign-off forms and invoices are the key components that make the job of field workers much easier and efficient. Customers are also relieved and satisfied when they can check all the details about the technician coming to solve their problem.

Field Service Features and Relation Building

Field Service App Development has made it possible to create such solutions that bring in a lot of help in the Field Service industry. Not only they are effective, they are easy to use as well and require minimum tech literacy. With the help of digital scheduling and dispatching, the task of assigning jobs to workers is made easier. Field Service mobile app allows technicians to stay up to date with all the schedules and jobs that they are assigned. Technicians can check all the complaint details and customer information right away from their mobile devices. They are also provided with the feature to select the nearest located job of their choice after completion of their assigned job. The customer is also at comfort as he knows all about the technician even before he comes to resolve the issue. Field Technician software is more than just making it easier to work, it is about creating a platform where management, workers and customers can get on the same page and have a better sense of understanding and relation with each other.

Business Growth and Future

Small businesses struggle a lot with resource management. They require tools to grow but they simply cannot spend enough of their earnings to help them out. This is where Field Service Management software is the life saver for such businesses. It offers all the necessary features for a better and efficient management to help businesses grow. It is an all-in-one tool that is easy-to-use, affordable and tends to show consistent results.

Many industries suffer from management issues that affect the growth of a company. By overcoming these issues, an industry can progress with ease and increase their overall growth, productivity, work efficiency, reputation and generate more revenue. Service Management software and mobile apps provide the best platform to solve majority of the hardships faced by industries.