Locksmith Business

Keeping up with all the complaints and tasks can be very time taking specially in the locksmith industry when you have to get all the minor details and cannot afford any sort of mistake. Even the tiniest of mistakes makes tasks very confusing and stressful. There is a lot to do in this industry when it involves a whole department of automotive besides the security and key manufacturing sector. Then comes the maintenance and repairing. There is really a lot to do and this industry has a massive scope but without a proper management, nothing goes far.


Designing keys for cars and security locks happens after taking a lot of details in account. Indirect codes, key patterns, key spacing, key depth, lock system, lock type, key blanks etc. All this information is much required to get a job done accurately. But handling all this information manually can be a nuisance. It is almost impossible to handle all this information manually while at the same time schedule maintenance and repairing tasks, especially in the current fast paced era of modernization. By following this conventional way, no business in locksmith industry can grow to a major level.


In order to compete with the market and the fast paced era, companies are opting for automation with the help of a locksmith app. It helps them complete and manage their tasks with much ease and in as little time as possible. By doing so, these companies create opportunities for their growth and can reach up to their maximum potential. There are several software and solutions in the market that are reliable and are made for the sole purpose to make such tasks easier and manageable in order to support business growth. Accepting and implementing new methods in your business is what determines its breakthrough.


Academy Locksmith is a well renowned company that is working in this industry for the last 3 decades. They provide nationwide services and therefore they have a lot to manage. Prior to implementing our solution, they were having a lot of trouble managing all the information and details manually and making records which resulted in a huge database with no proper management. This was a pain point for their business. To overcome this issue, we provided them with a custom built locksmith management solution to cover all the features they needed. Now they have a massive customer base and they easily manage multiple tasks with the help of our solution. All their customers are satisfied with their timely service.


The features that can be addressed as a make or break point for a locksmith business are as following:


Dispatching and Scheduling

A locksmith management solution must have a dispatching and scheduling feature as it acts as the main platform used to add jobs, assign tasks and schedule those tasks. This is a powerful feature which contains even the tiniest details about a job and also gives information about customer history and the best resources to deploy on a particular task.


Multi-platform accessibility

A good solution must support multiple platforms in addition to a computer system. This is very advantageous for the field workers as they are able to stay updated on all the tasks, schedules and details even while they are in the field.


Cloud Support

Saving all the data on the cloud is a must. This is to ensure that everyone including the management, customer and the field workers are on the same page. By continuously saving all the data om cloud, everyone gets to know about the changes made to tasks and can easily access job details from anywhere. Customers always stay updated about the job progress giving them an insight, which brings satisfaction to them.


Real-time tracking and Routing

With the real-time tracking feature, the management always keeps an eye on all the workers to make sure that everyone is on their respective duty. The field workers can utilize the routing feature which helps them get to their job location without any delay as it suggests the most optimal and reliable route.


Digital Forms, Invoicing and signatures

Making the job easier for your field workers greatly enhances a company’s performance. There are multiple features that fulfill this purpose such as cost estimation and digital invoicing which lets the field workers estimate the total cost of a task and generate an invoice on their mobile while being in the field. They are able to get e-signatures from customers to authenticate the invoice which saves them the hassle of moving between the job location and office back and forth.