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Advantages of using a sales rep workforce routing & tracking software for Pharma business in Pakistan?

The success of a Pharmaceutical Company depends majorly on how it chooses to manage its sales rep work force. Relying on a small management team to keep track of a large number of medical representatives can often result in costly mistakes. Since pharma sales representatives are involved in direct communication with the doctors, pharmacists and..

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The Main Benefits of Field Service Dispatch Software

One of the main processes in the Field Service Industry is the Dispatching of goods and services. Dispatching means allocation or assignment of workers and inventory to carry out a specific Field service operation. Sounds easy, right? But it’s actually quite the opposite. When you don’t have the right strategy for effective dispatch management, it..

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Easy-to-use Mobile Workforce App for Smart Field Service Management

Using a smart solution that allows your technicians, salesmen, and distributors to access the field service software using the mobile phone whenever they want, wherever they want will serve as a potential game-changer for your business. Companies from different sectors like pharmaceuticals, insurance companies, sales and distribution businesses, service sector organizations and many more can..

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E-strats Field Service Management (FSM) App…… (FSM series) Part 3 SCHEDULING

Want A Surge Business Development?…… Opt for E-strats Field Service Management Application today. Use of this App will change your Paper-based Office into a Paperless-Enterprise by maximizing growth in your respective Business…..Let’s have a bird’s eye view of the Scheduling feature. E-strats, Field Service Management Application is a Tailored, Custom-built solution for any Business and Service..

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E-strats Field Service Management (FSM) App……An Innovation of Technology (FSM series)

Through the past two decades, E-strats has developed the most workable and customizable Field Service Management (FSM) Applications useful for medium to big sized enterprises, as these apps measure proper scalability of the business and enhance return on investment (ROI), by increasing productivity of human resources at all levels. Our technologically simplified Field Service Management..

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what is platform as a service (PaaS) model

What is Platform as a Service – Pass Model

Rapidly transforming software development field shifted from traditional Waterfall approach to Rapid Application Development, and from Software as a Service to newly introduced Cloud Computing on PaaS (Platform as a Service) approach.  With these changes, any forward looking organization in software development field will like to leverage from cloud based hosting model coupling it with..

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