Using a smart solution that allows your technicians, salesmen, and distributors to access the field service software using the mobile phone whenever they want, wherever they want will serve as a potential game-changer for your business. Companies from different sectors like pharmaceuticals, insurance companies, sales and distribution businesses, service sector organizations and many more can track their employees in fields and get real-time feedback about their tasks.

Advanced mobility solutions aim at providing some degree of automation of the otherwise cumbersome field service processes by eliminating the need of paperwork and bridging the gaps in communication, coordination, and reporting.

Here are 5 reasons on how smartphones can elevate the field service experience:


Mobile phones increase connectivity facilitating the provision of real-time data right from the field to bring transparency and to avoid any overlaps. Furthermore, capturing accurate job data becomes a lot easier when you’re not tied to a computer or desk.


The ease of making instant updates right from the job/client site is by far the most powerful feature that will enable the company to have greater control over its operational processes.

From keeping track of the jobs, to editing work orders and completing invoices there is nothing more valuable than being able to control everything so easily.


The use of Smartphones can bring drastic improvements in the software usability, so much so that it can streamline your processes resulting in a better business flow and efficient optimization.


Your Field Service Business can benefit greatly from the portability of the solutions that you have to offer. This particular ability frees your business from the shackles of a cubicle hence giving you and your business a new sense of liberation.


Seamlessly integrate your back office with field activities using smartphones. Field Workers can access all the essential information they need while on the go. Working in real-time will save you valuable time as well as resources and will make your business more profitable and efficient.