Through the past two decades, E-strats has developed the most workable and customizable Field Service Management (FSM) Applications useful for medium to big sized enterprises, as these apps measure proper scalability of the business and enhance return on investment (ROI), by increasing productivity of human resources at all levels.

Our technologically simplified Field Service Management App has revolutionized Service and Business industry and has transformed ordinary laborers to tech-savvy professionals.

We define Field Service Management (FSM) Application in an understandable way as:

FSM App is the latest technology of using mobile software applications to automate off-site or field operations of a team of service professionals in real time

The main features of our Field Service Management App leading to business facilitation include:

  • Work Order management
  • Scheduling the Dispatching
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Mobile App for Technicians
  • Routing and Tracking services
  • Estimates and Invoice Keeping
  • Accounting and Inventory Management
  • Customer Engagement

The main features of our Field Service Management App leading to business facilitation include:

Work order management (WOM)

A work order can be very simply defined as an “Action Request” by a customer to acquire products or services. It can be impersonated within an organization and is then scheduled or assigned to a person having suitable skill sets to perform the requested job.

Work Order Dashboard

A dashboard is the user interface. It presents and organizes information in a feasible manner and consists of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which can be customized according to Service or Business needs and client’s choice.

work order management dashboard

Work Order Dashboard Key Components

Comprehensive and user-friendly work order performance dashboards of our Business boosting app consist of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These are dashboard metrics on visual display to give a deep insight into service business performance in real time.

Important KPIs of worker order performance dashboards:

The service managers/dispatchers start from work order dashboard to keep an eye on the following KPIs:

  • First, call closure rates
  • Work order volume calculation
  • Average work time calculations
  • Average travel time calculations
  • No. of work orders per technician
  • Planned vs Actual travel time of the technician
  • Utilization rates

This article has given a brief overview of work order dashboard facilitation as a business calculator. This calculation is targeted upon Cutting cost and Increasing revenue  i.e. ROI for any business by  keeping a focus on the following:

  • Business Strategy
  • Business Objective
  • Business Plan
  • Business Initiative
  • Business flow in total

Please stay tuned to Blog for the upcoming articles of FSM series so as to understand and implement our Field Service Management App which is a hallmark of Business Intelligence.