Field service management (FSM) software, also known as workforce management (WFM) software , is an all-in-one solution that manages everything from service request to service delivery through one cloud based platform.

Must-have Features of Field Service Management Software in 2020

Following are some other key features of Field Service Management Software that make workforce efficient and the management process effortless:

Work Order Management

Being able to get all the details and information about the customer’s complaint is the most necessary task. Using a digital work order feature helps note down all details with the help of pre-defined queries relevant to the customer’s problem.

Mobile field service application

Tablet & Mobile device compatibility is a must-have feature for all Field Service Activity Management software. A mobile field service app helps field workers with managing schedules, navigating to customer’s location or task site, analyzing task details and resources, etc.

Parts Inventory Management

This FSM Software feature includes the ability to check, add and manage inventory and resources. It is a great help to technicians as they are able to figure out what tools and products they require to complete a task. Having the right resources for a specific job is vital.

Customer History and Service Record

Record and History of Customer allow the management team to calculate what kind of tasks a customer has requested in the past. This enables them to make sure that all the special requests of a customer are fulfilled.

Digital Web and Mobile Invoicing

Having not to go back and forth between the worksite and office is a big relief for the field crew as it saves a lot of time. This ease is provided by the digital invoicing feature that the workers can utilize to create invoices in digital form right on the work site along with the capability of getting a digital signature of the customer. The workers are saved from pen and paper hassle and it’s a great comfort to them.

Routing & Tracking for Field Activity Management

Reaching the customer’s location or worksite on time is necessary to acquire customer satisfaction as stats show that 67% of customers don’t rehire a service company that is an hour late to an appointment. Routing features help workers to find and get to the location much quickly. On top of that, the management is also able to track their resources and make sure that everyone is on the right path.

Field Connectivity through messaging

Workers do not always know the best possible solution to implement and hence they need to consult other senior and experienced technicians. A platform that allows workers and management to communicate with each other in times of need comes in very handy. Good communication brings increased productivity, healthier work environment, and upright relation.

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