E-strats offers custom pharma medical rep workforce management software solutions to make your Pharmaceutical Sales workers more productive than ever.

These solutions include the best combination of features to optimize sales processes by helping you streamline the work between pharma field force workers, distribution management and customers.

sales rep tracking app by e-strats

Our Pharma Sales Rep Mobile app gives the representatives the ability to:

  • Report to the management right from the job site
  • Document critical details and data related to doctors, hospitals or pharmacists
  • Gather essential information from each visit
  • Stick to the deadlines by getting automatic reminders
  • Give feedback to management without having to visit the back-office
  • Be prepared for new visits by viewing instructions from management
  • View scheduled visits for the whole day

Automation also makes it easier for your back-office staff to keep track of the field sales force with Web-based pharmaceutical sales rep management software.

geofence parameters defined for sales distributors

Here are some of the advantages of using web-based solution by E-strats for managing the field agents in a better way:

  • Always know what’s happening in the field by staying connected with the workforce
  • Get instant reports and updates by representatives
  • Tracking of employee performance with better insights
  • Manage absences and optimize the appointment management process
  • Greater transparency of information for effective scheduling
  • Better decision making
  • Track the workers on the map using their current location
  • Give instructions, if needed, for each visit
  • Identify the future managers and leaders in your team
  • Monitor the working hours of each sales rep employee
  • Generate performance-based reports