Sales Representatives play a key role in driving the growth of the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry. No matter how big or small your company actually is, if your medical sales reps aren’t being managed properly, it can hurt your business far more than you expect.

Struggling to compete with the growing competition and to fend off the unnecessary cloud of worries, the Healthcare sector is moving rapidly towards automation. Field Sales Force Applications for Medical Reps in Healthcare companies serve as the best tools to optimize the performance of your sales rep workforce and make the most out of your available human resources.

Here are all the major benefits of using Mobile Apps for Pharma sales representatives:

Mobile reporting saves time and cost

Give your sales staff access to use simplified reporting solutions right from the field. Real-time connectivity with the back-office staff reduces the stress of traveling back and forth just to keep the management team updated with the work progress. So when your sales force representatives are out there in the field, the mobile app makes the reporting process effortless to drive sales effectiveness with best-in-class visualization.

Viewing daily work schedule makes easier to meet deadlines

The app gives your sales workers complete access to their overall work schedule including allocated tasks and appointments with the doctors, hospitals or pharmacists, all in one place.
In addition to simply viewing the daily tasks, the smartphone app notifies pharma sales workers about important reminders to ensure that your sales reps never forget to show up for an appointment.

Mobile Route Optimization helps you stay on the right track

Mobile app for the pharma workforce by e-strats gives you multiple integration options to use maps for route planning and navigation. Save your travel time and fuel by helping your field force navigate to the correct location, via the shortest route.

Create notes & upload pictures to gather actual data from the field

The ability to document critical details related to each appointment can be helpful for planning future visits or scheduling any follow-up visits as required. Medical Sales Staff can upload essential documents without leaving the interface of your application hence keeping all data at one place without any hassle.

Track work performance using checklists

Checklists can help you boost the efficiency of your sales team by letting you prioritize the tasks that need to be performed and to ensure completeness for carrying out tasks. This can prove really beneficial in reducing the chance of failure to meet the commitment.

Samples and Gifts distribution management

The ability to manage gifts and samples is another benefit of using the Mobile application for pharmaceutical field agents. The application by e-strats lets you keep track of total samples and gifts, check their availability reports and view distribution charts for better understanding at a glance.

We have been able to compose this list by working closely with the pharma industry since many years. e-strats has made numerous applications for the pharma sector to optimize their daily operations.

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