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Achieve more by doing less, that’s how automation works

Our workflow management system lets you manage your time efficiently by automating the routine tasks for better flexibility, transparency and control.

Important FeatureS of Project Workflow Software by e-strats

simple and effective workflow management

Simple and Effective

Our Workflow management software is simple in design and easy to use so that any person regardless of them having any programming knowledge, can operate the software and easily create or use workflows.

Task Assignment

Task Assignment

Process and task assignment in our workflow management software allows tasks to be easily assigned to team members or external contractors. This feature allows everyone to know what their duties are.

reminders and alerts

Reminders & Notifications

This feature works very well with the previous feature. Whenever a task is assigned to someone, that person gets a notification to be able to start working on it without any delay. Reminders let the workers know that their team is relying on the completion of the task assigned to them.


The ability of a software to support other software is very powerful. When a workflow management software is given the feature to integrate other apps to perform several tasks, it becomes a very useful all-in-one tool.

Let our Software do the job for you

Having not to worry about the same routine tasks everyday can save you spare time. Think of all the opportunities you can avail in that time. Work on marketing your business, increasing your business productivity or focusing on customer satisfaction. The possibilities are limitless.


Generate more sales by streamlining all your field business workflows

Optimizes business processes by better organization and control.


Streamline all the existing workflows by providing


Valuable Insights

Intelligent Process Automation

Smart tracking

Powerful Data & Analytics Forecast

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