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field service technician mobile app

E-strats Field service management mobile app is an all-in-one, easy-to-use application that can maximize your productivity by up to 60%.

Stay Connected In The Field: Collect Job Data, Get Driving Directions, Perform Payment Processing & Do A Lot More

Workforce Scheduler

Let the technicians have a comprehensive view of all the scheduled jobs ahead of time. The advanced job scheduler has multiple viewing options to choose from.

  • Scheduler with Calendar view
  • Scheduler with Map View
  • Scheduler With List View

AssignedUnassignedCompletedIn-progress, and Pending jobs can be viewed and differentiated easily for each of the views using color coded statuses.

work schedule builder application
service technician mobile app showing route on map

Optimal Route to the Job Site

View jobs for the whole day on map enabling field worker to plan visits based on job location.

The Field Service Technician Mobile app gives complete navigation information and driving directions that enable your service technicians to reach the right job at the right time.

For more intelligent route planning the routing feature has also been integrated with

  • Google Maps
  • Apple Maps
  • Waze

Create Invoice & Process Payments

Quick and effortless invoicing by adding predefined or custom services from web or mobile app.

Integrations with multiple payment options to simplify the payment procedure and streamline the cash flow

  • Credit Card
  • Billing
  • Cash
  • Check

Create invoicesadd billing methods and email them directly from the field in just few clicks!

mobile invoicing in field service technician mobile app
Field Technician Mobile app two-way communication chat

Two-Way Communication through Field Service App

Make communication between office staff, customer and field technicians more efficient and effective through the integrated messaging system.

Centralize your communication thus eliminating the need for any phone calls or SMS to be made outside the application.

  • Send Text Messages through Chat Groups
  • Create Customized Chat Groups
  • Maintain Communication Log/History

Real-time updates & notifications

With push notifications, make sure your technicians never miss any job update or appointment.

Ability to send auto-updates for the most recurring tasks to the technician mobile even if the app is running in the background.

  • Incoming SMS notifications
  • Auto email alerts
  • New job assignment notification

Other than technicians, customers will be continuously updated about job progress. 

  • MMS to the customer about Technician details
  • Notifying customers about tech location
  • Technician Estimated time of arrival through SMS
updates & notifications in Field workers mobile app
upload pictures, documents and files in field service technician mobile app

File, Photo & Document Attachments

Speed up your service operations by accommodating the need of technicians’ to attach important work-related documents right from the field.

Through paperless technician mobile app, maintain and update field information by:

  • Uploading before and after work images
  • Attach useful documents in any format
  • Access documents for later use

Access Subtasks and Checklist

Create unlimited to-do lists needed to complete a service using mobile checklist feature.

Mobile checklist ensures that the process and procedures are clear for the workers in the field.

Dealing with multiple industries, the ability to add customizable mobile subtasks is an essential feature.

  • Collect essential data points
  • Organize relevant tasks at one place
  • Note down to-do points
create checklist to perform tasks in field worker mobile app
offline FSM data sync

Online Offline data Sync mode

Field personnel often work in areas where there is no availability of the internet. In those areas, the offline mode of our service app comes into play.

Mobile users can perform all their work in the offline mode without letting connectivity to get in their way.

  • Access work orders, customer information, job location
  • Seamless data synchronization once online

This ensures that the field tech provides the same level of work quality in every corner of the globe independent of network connectivity.