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Locksmith Software For Nationwide Service Providers​

A leading commercial locksmith service provider was looking for new ways to manage their service data and streamline their business processes.

ALS Company Introduction

Academy locksmith is a forward-thinking security company that’s in the business of Locks and Security for almost the last 30 years. Today they have more than 1000 contractors working in different states. ALS locksmith deals with security for commercial & residential customers and have numerous technicians stationed throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico to ensure prompt, dependable service.

The Challenge of Managing Large Data sets

These Locksmith service providers were previously using lots of excel sheets to manage their security operations. The dispatchers and call takers had to go through the same repetitive tasks each time they received a service call. Additionally, the lock fixing technicians had to do bundles of paperwork just to get a job done. But of all the things, the manual data collection by the workers/technicians in the field was taking the most time. 

Before using the locksmith software, the service providers had to manually collect the scattered data from all the endpoints to one centralized place. This was usually followed by entering all the service data in one large workbook. With hundreds of columns and worksheets, this workbook was really hard to manage and maintain. This resulted in chunks of data with no proper management and reporting mechanism.

Since redundant paperwork was done with loose control, it had a serious impact on overall service management. Being in a very sensitive business industry, the client wanted complete locksmith service process automation. Academy Locksmith was looking for field service automation through a web-based application portal for management & a mobile app for field workers. The client wanted to reduce data entry with the use of one call slip screen to capture maximum information thus eliminating effort to jump between different screens.

Ultimate Job Scheduling Software for Locksmiths

e-strats, with help of its parent company Cube one in California USA, studied their business model in detail to figure out the best workable solution. We took into account all the challenges in their current system and architected a brand new web and mobile based Field Workers Solution.

The resulting Locksmith Management Software gave the users an ability to quickly create, edit and assign Call slips. Management got real time updates about jobs in progress, work orders and location information of all the service technicians. Powerful reports helped identify areas of service improvement and gave a clearer picture to the accounting teams for better revenue management. In addition, one-click export functionality was enabled to export the reports related to accounting, management and operations.

Mobile workers were empowered with a mobile app to finish jobs faster, create invoices, capture digital signatures and do a lot more. Advanced integration with Google Maps provided exact routing and location services to company’s technicians to provide service- as needed, when needed, where needed. Color coded service Call counts provided management with a quick understanding at a glance without switching between screens.

The Results

1 %
Increase in number of completed jobs
< 1 min
planning for job allocation
1 %
increase in overall revenue

Client’s commercial customers and residential users are very satisfied with timely support due to the implementation of the new web-based system. With an easy to use interface, jobs are dispatched much faster to the right technicians without delay. Academy Locksmith business has grown to other states across the USA and to Canada and Puerto Rico.

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