The success of a Pharmaceutical company depends majorly on how the company chooses to manage its sales rep force. Relying on a small management team to keep track of a large number of medical representatives can often result in costly mistakes. Since pharma sales representatives are involved in direct communication with the doctors, pharmacists and medical institutions, managing them in a smart way is the most critical part of any pharmaceutical business.

The more the number of people in your sales team, the harder it becomes to keep track of all of the activities. This is where our advanced Medical Rep routing and tracking management Software really steps in. E-strats software solution for a connected workforce reduces all your management stress and worries by bridging the gaps in communication and streamlining the fieldwork processes for your pharma business.

Here are a few things that you can do easily using E-strats Medical Rep Management Software:

Improve Visit Management

Greater transparency of information lets you plan ahead of time. Plan daily, weekly or monthly activities and manage schedule changes in a better way to maximize efficiency making your pharma workforce more productive than ever.

Easily Track Performance of Employees

Our business intelligence dashboard is an important feature that lets you have a bird’s eye view of the overall performance of your workforce. View graphs and other visual content based on real-time data. Easily identify resources that are beneficial in working towards your vision and producing the desired outcome to make the most out of available resources.

Generate Payrolls automatically

Avoid errors with a system that can be automatically linked to your payroll software. With features like Timesheet, daily operation management, and real-time delay alerts, it becomes easier to keep track of work hours of the employees. This information then helps to analyze and calculate payrolls automatically, giving your management enough time to concentrate on other more important tasks.

Optimal Routing and Tracking in Real-time

Put a stop to False Reporting and never lose track of your employees while they’re in the field. E-strats Field Service management solution for pharmaceutical business lets you record the real-time location of the workers to track them on the map with an advanced mobile based solution. Increase the productivity of your workforce by using automatic map routes using GPS navigation for efficient routing and tracking management.

Decreased costs and increased revenue

Schedule appointments and plan routes by keeping the cost factor in mind. Our solution lets you make better decisions based on actual data to make the most out of your time and resources.