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Web Application Development Services

For more than 15 years e-strats have been offering Web Application and Software Development Services to individuals as well as businesses. The software developers that we have possesses years of experience in developing easiest to complex projects. More specifically, we have successfully rendered Web Development Services, Microsoft SharePoint Solutions, Offshore Software Development Services, IT Solutions, Web Content Management Systems CMS, Web Based Application Development Services and much more. Moreover, we have also developed complex applications that deals with bulk amount of data. We have a successful track record because we always believed in offering innovative, adaptive and trustworthy solutions that complements your business.

On the contrary, e-strats have been catering needs of those who want to develop Microsoft SharePoint Custom Software solutions. We possess a Microsoft Certified team of developers who have extensive experience within this domain to offer you with SharePoint development, deployment and customization services. Moreover, we allow you to get control over your MS SharePoint enabled environment in a secure, effective and optimal manner.

e-strats have been relying upon structured framework programming together with recommended coding practices and standards. Since, the technology is constantly changing every passing day so, to accommodate advancements in technology we constantly assess our capabilities and update them through trainings and workshops. Ultimately, to render best possible development services.

e-strats Web Applications Development Services Advantages

  • 15+ years of experience
  • Structured Framework and Architectural Pattern Development
  • Certified, dedicated, and talented in-house development team
  • Work with recommended coding patterns and standards
  • Clean coding and APIs
  • Project Outsourcing
  • Compatibility with multiple types of web browsers.
  • Highly maintainable code
  • Intuitive User Interfaces
  • Performance, load, and stress testing
  • Staying aware of latest happenings in technology industry


The technologies and programming platforms that e-strats mastered in for web applications development are as follows:

  • .NET Framework
  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • JavaScript
  • Objective-C
  • C#
  • iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  • Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Azure

Software Integration

Software integration sometimes happens to be a daunting task, but we are always ready to accept and deal with such challenges in an optimal manner. Moreover, the experts we have ensures seamless software integration with your existing ERP, CRM or any other corporate software systems.

As mentioned above e-strats have been serving this industry for more than 15 years. Throughout these years, we have experienced developing diversified types of web applications by making use of cutting-edge technologies for businesses from all around the world, which includes:

  • Content Management Systems
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Blogs and Forums
  • Web Application Migration and Porting
  • Web Application Reengineering and Enhancement
  • Web Application Maintenance
  • Online Reservations Booking and Ticketing
  • Online Training and Courses
  • Project Management Applications
  • Educational Web Applications
  • Inventory Management
  • Web Conference Applications
  • Non-profit Donation Applications
  • Social Networking Development
  • Online Discussion Forums
  • HR Web Applications and much more

See examples of our latest projects of web application development:

Work Orders

Work Order solutions provide you with an ability to manage your work force, time and cost in a better way. Our work order management solution simplifies and controls the work order process, using effective cost management, time management and workforce management strategies.

Why it is necessary

As customer demands and the logistics of managing field teams continue to increase in complexity, it's very important to fully optimize and automate an organization's work order management. For this purpose, our work order solution offers flexibility in a number of ways to resolve work order problems efficiently. These solutions help maximize efficiency and minimize setbacks through automation.

Prioritize work orders

Knowing all the necessary information about each and every technician and customer, it’s very easy to schedule orders. Your work order management software can show you which tasks need to be done first.

Make job assignment easy

Assigning jobs to technicians is one of the most operationally complex tasks because it involves so many variables. Our solution keeps track of all the unpredictable changes that could occur at any time and help avoid any delays and miscommunication. Work order management helps you improve efficiency by automating tedious scheduling tasks.

Increase work efficiency

Job assignment based on skills and expertise of a technician helps your business increase work efficiency and at the same time decrease time and cost.

Following are some of the other features that the work order helps you with:

  • Track work progress in real time

  • Keep record of customer orders

  • Manage workforce more efficiently

  • Keep track of assigned and unassigned work

  • Assign workers according to their skills and availability

  • Assign workers according to their expertise and job history with customer

  • Trace dispatched, completed, canceled, in-progress, paused and pending work orders

  • Quick and easy invoice generation

  • Schedule new tasks into time slots that are free

  • Fulfill client requirements right on time

  • Reduce complexity of scheduling and assigning new jobs

e-strats provide you solutions that help you manage your teams and their activities with the capability to build, allocate, execute, close and re-assign work orders across your workers, managers and customer service representatives.


Nowadays appointment and dispatching solutions works as an integral part in overall organizational success especially for a services business. These solutions offers companies with a platform through which they can manage their resources and time proficiently and productively while dealing with the particular work order. Moreover, it provides companies with an opportunity to ensure that the right job is done by the right person.

e-strats appointment and dispatching solution will let you take your company to new heights of success and growth. Through this solutions you would be able to experience a difference in dealing with your customers as well as employees. Specifically if we talk about a service business for instance plumbing then you cannot compromise on responding sluggish or inappropriately to your customers’ inquiry. Whenever your customers raises an issue you are definitely going to dispatch your worker for that but, who, when, where, why such kinds of questions would come into your mind. To eradicate all such hassles e-strats offers you with a solution that lets you streamline everything from appointments to invoicing.

Solution that we offer is a dynamic combination of Mobile and Web-based application. Whenever you receive an inquiry from your client it will show up in the app mentioning all the requirements of a client. On that basis, you can assign that particular task to the right person at the right time. Since, the database of all of your workers has already been maintained together with their skills set. So you would know only the qualified worker is going to see the client’s order. Additionally, you can keep the record of clients’ inquiries. By making use of our application having highly intuitive interface you can dispatch a worker upon receiving a customer work order in a matter of few clicks. Ultimately, you can satisfy your clients with prompt actions, high quality services in less time and budget. However, our solution can:

  • Improve your business efficiency by brilliantly managing how you choose to dispatch your appointments and employees.
  • Assign or re-assign inquiries depending upon the skills level of employees in order to keep away from dispatching an un-qualified employee for a specific job.
  • Manage appointments or inquiries online via mobile or web app.
  • Inquiries are generated according to the location of a worker. To decide on the spot whether to dispatch that specific person to do a job or not.
  • Offer unparalleled customer experience as it allows you to see clients’ history with your company resultantly, it increases clients’ loyalty and satisfaction.

Other than above mentioned benefits, there are much more left to explore. So get rid of managing with your clients’ inquiries manually by making use of e-strats appointment and dispatching solutions from today and do it in a smart and simplified way!


In field service scheduling and dispatching, making the right decisions at the right moment can result in customers gained or customers lost. But it’s not always easy to account for certain unexpected variables. While there are dispatch professionals who are fully capable of taking decisions manually, the decision-making power of a single dispatch professional has the power to jeopardize relationship with customers. Which is why an efficient and capable automated dispatch system with advanced field service scheduling skills is an integral component to the success or failure of any field operation. With an automated planning and dispatching system, you can efficiently allocate your available human resources to maximize output and minimize cost delays and setbacks. Thus, ensuring top-notch customer service despite the odds.

Since dispatch decisions are the bedrock of high customer satisfaction, it’s crucial for a company to have an easy method of managing and implementing such decisions. Things like the order delivery date, stock on hand, allocation of work in process, operation status of workers/technicians and machine/equipment are made available to the dispatcher as needed.

The dispatching solutions that we offer allow the company an easy way through which they can manage their resources and time efficiently.

Our solutions allow you to:

  • Quickly schedule dispatches

  • Assign jobs according to requirements

  • Check technician’s availability before job allocation

  • Allocate human resources with the right level of expertise

  • See history of technician with the customer to guarantee high level customer satisfaction

  • Match with nearest available technician resulting in reduced costs and ensuring timely service

  • Access customer information, job histories and even call recordings

  • Perform scheduling operations with easy to use interface

  • Keep your fleet flexible and proactive

  • Keep track of jobs and related information

  • Monitor work progress in real time

  • Make the most of your field service personnel and fleets

  • Keep and update record of clients’ inquiries

  • Control how technicians see available jobs and invoices

In addition to these, there are multiple other useful features designed to ensure that your customer service never suffers because of unpredictable circumstances. With advanced and innovative scheduling and dispatching solutions, e-strats makes you build and maintain a good customer service reputation.

e-strats provides web and mobile based applications which are easy to use. These applications have been designed to support your business goals and help streamline everything from appointments to invoicing.

Intuitive Dashboard

e-strats simplifies complex processes by providing intuitive and easy solutions to avoid everyday headaches. Our solutions allow companies to maintain a good customer service when engaging with a large number of customers, as well as maintaining the service quality.

Visualizing All of the Data, at A Glance

Our Field Service Management software offers an intuitive dashboard feature which makes it easy to access the information you want, when you want it. The dashboard has all the useful features that provide help in estimating costs, sources of marketing, average income, technician leaderboard, charts and more. These features provide a summarized and brief insight into the overall functionality of the field service management software for better cost management, workforce management and marketing strategies.

Better decision making

Displaying data in such comprehensible fashion can help you in making better decisions to help grow your business. From total jobs completed to technician’s performance, it can display metrics that mean the most to your business. Simply put, it simplifies your data into more manageable chunks of visual information that allows you to see what you are doing right and where you need to improve.

Better insight, Better performance!

The purpose of the dashboard is to provide real-time results by extracting valuable information from all the data you collect, known as your key performance indicators (KPIs). e-strats lets you monitor and analyze your key performance indicators and other quantitative business data at a in seconds (in real time) without having to rely on complicated processes. You can also have many reports automatically emailed to you every day, week or month. The data transparency and interactivity in dashboard can help you boost your performance by acting upon best opportunities for client and customer acquisition, process optimization and long-term growth.

Monitor your progress

Benefit from features that help you improve your service quality, engagement with customers in innovative ways, earn revenue, and more. Keep track of all the progress and performance of your workforce.

Following are some of the key features that the dashboard helps you with:

  • Gathering multiple data sources into a single interface

  • Monitoring company’s performance

  • Examining average income report

  • Inspecting company sales report over a set period of time

  • Viewing technician leaderboard

  • Overall employee Performance

  • Tracking customer/client acquisition

  • Job success rate

  • Automatic report generation

  • Assessing lead marketing sources

  • Viewing expenses and expenditures

  • Accessing job description and details

Technician Mobile App

The technician mobile app provides access to all job-related information, so your Field workers always have access to a number of powerful features within the platform, with easy and intuitive interface. The mobile app speeds up and improves tedious field service operation management. When technicians have access to the right job details and routing with automated driving directions, they can walk onto a job site with confidence, knowing where to go and what to do. The technician mobile app lets the field workers view scheduled as well as unassigned jobs, access customer details and choose the jobs which suit their interests. Field workers no longer have to come to office or worry about their payments, since they’ve got everything in the palm of their hand. They can choose from unassigned jobs or they can be assigned a job by a dispatcher. In case of a job assignment by dispatcher, a technician can get notified automatically (via app).

Here are some of the useful things that the technicians are able to do the using the mobile app:

  • View unassigned jobs

  • Accept or reject a job assigned by dispatcher

  • Routing information with automated driving directions

  • Explore the dispatch board

  • One touch access to call the customer

  • Update the status of the job

  • Get work order details

  • Provide inspection details

  • Send purchase order details

  • Send inventory requirements

  • Get notified about dispatch schedules

  • Payment processing

  • Start invoice for predefined or custom services

  • Complete invoicing details

  • View schedule in real time

  • Full access into service and work-order history

  • Access to warranty and service contract information

With the ability to view and document information on their mobile device using the app, technicians no longer need to perform manual documentation procedures. Instead, they can do what they came to do: service and repairs.

On the other hand, the app is also useful for managers/ dispatchers as they can:

  • Track the technicians

  • Route technicians to the job location with automated driving directions

  • View job data and other important information

  • Customize inspection forms

  • Fast action and analysis based on data collected via app

Routing & Tracking

Our solutions for field service management help to improve day-to-day activities of a business by providing an adaptable tracking and routing system integrations to automate painful manual processes thus keeping work in motion in the field.

Routing and tracking feature make the field technicians and your office work more efficient and productive with real-time integration with Google Map. Limit calls to your drivers by tracking the technicians right from the dispatch board through GPS thus keeping up to date status of their location. Know where they are in real time and plan out the most efficient route.

Using our Field service management solution avoid and minimize the calamities that can keep your technicians from being on time. Avoid Bad weather, Traffic jams with the intelligent route optimization. Plan the most productive and time saving route thus ensuring minimum driving time and fuel consumption, while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Schedule technicians based on their proximity to the work orders. Our solutions for field service management help to improve day-to-day activities of a business by providing an adaptable tracking and routing system integrations to automate painful manual processes thus keeping work in motion in the field.

Routing and tracking feature make the field technicians and your office work more efficient and productive with real-time integration with Google Map. Limit calls to your drivers by tracking the technicians right from the dispatch board through GPS thus keeping up to date status of their location. Know where they are in real time and plan out the most efficient route.

Using our Field service management solution avoid and minimize the calamities that can keep your technicians from being on time. Avoid Bad weather, Traffic jams with the intelligent route optimization. Plan the most productive and time saving route thus ensuring minimum driving time and fuel consumption, while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Following is the key features that the routing and tracking feature helps you with:

  • Schedule technicians based on their proximity to the work orders

  • Visibility of Technician’s work status

  • Tracking mobile device and location of vehicle

  • Assuring that right technician gets the right job

  • Save time and money through intelligent route optimization

Have exceptional and fast vehicle tracking options according to your business needs. Integration with Fleet management system like TomTom meet your business demands by providing more robust real-time tracking and behavior maintenance.

Estimates & Invoicing

e-strats lets you use tools that are developed with your business needs in mind. The technology that we provide helps automate field operations of a team of service professionals through web and mobile based applications. Sending invoices in real time is another useful feature of our field service management software. Why spend countless hours doing something your FSM can do instantly?

Invoices can be generated using both web and mobile applications. So, there’s no need to bill customers using the traditional billing and invoicing methods. You can send estimates and invoices directly from the field in just one click!

Technicians have access to invoice generation using technician mobile app. They can add custom services or predefined services to start the invoice. They can further add billing methods for customers and generate invoices to send via email. Our invoicing feature helps you get paid by simplifying the payment process.

Automating invoicing is more valuable for businesses than ever, here are some of the useful things that our feature helps you with:

  • Technicians can view and add the type of service they’re providing

  • Aids in processing payments

  • Helps in defining payment terms

  • Billing directly to customer locations or contacts

  • Speeding up the payment process

  • Tracking payments

  • Custom/predefined services can be added for invoicing

  • Checking payment method

  • Sending receivables after generating invoices for customers

  • Helps your technicians complete the details before generating invoices

  • Keeping track of your cash

  • Minimizing billing errors

  • Defining custom payment terms for individual customers

  • Making billing faster and more transparent to customers

From generating and sending invoices to accepting payments and recording a full history of your transactions with customers, our solution makes your entire invoicing and tracking process faster, easier and more effective than ever before.

Accounting & Inventory

In the Field Service Management industry, billing for a job isn’t as easy as you might think. Between the time a tech leaves the office for work and returns at the end of the day, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. But with the right field service management software, you can simplify your business while gaining more control over cash flow and inventory.

e-strats lets you automate your billing, invoicing, scheduling, and inventory management needs. The accounting feature helps manage accounts, receivables, payables, payrolls and inventory.


Receivables include the amount a customer owes to your company for goods or services that have been delivered but not yet paid for. Receivables include terms for paying such as: number of days it’ll take for the customer to pay for the service that has been delivered; as well as the credit limit for the maximum amount of invoice to be paid.


These account for the price a company has to pay to cover its expenditures including purchase orders for paying vendors, office expenses or other bills.


This feature lets you generate payrolls of individual employees based on technician and CSRs. Payrolls can be generated using either the percentage-based or the time-based method. Any bonuses for the techs are also assigned using this feature.


e-strats lets you do the inventory math for you. Stay atop your competitors in Field Service Management industry with specialized warehouse and truck tracking and management solutions. Reporting of inventory parts, that have been used on-site, simplifies the pricing process for inventory.

General Ledger

Day-to-day transactions are managed and displayed using general ledger.

Accounting integration

Data input and export for customers, vendors, employees, invoice, payments and purchase orders can be made possible using Quick Books and Sage. This integration provides powerful, accurate and reliable accounting software integration.


The field service solutions of e-strats are making it easier than ever to view and get better insights about accounting with different types of reports. These reports include:

  • Revenue reports

  • Profit and loss reports

  • Expense reports

  • Sales reports

  • Invoice reports

Customer Engagement

For Field Service Management companies, improved customer engagement not only enhances the customer experience, it allows for greater operational efficiencies and growth of business. Customer engagement is often the result of actively building and maintaining great customer relationships and providing good customer experiences. Our technology helps strengthen the relationship between the organization and the customer. We know that fully engaged customers represent more revenue than the average that is why e-strats lets you keep track of a customer right from the first call till job completion and future auto reminders.

Adopt a strategy based on actual data

e-strats provides you with solutions to collect and analyze actual data from every customer, allowing you to understand which interactions are beneficial to your organization and which are not. These solutions help you get better insights about your customers. Therefore, the data collected helps adopt a suitable customer engagement strategy that makes your business better at retaining customers.

Build better business-customer relationships

Clients feel valued and respected when you communicate with them. With options like being able to track the technicians in real time or receiving important updates via SMS, MMS and email, our customer engagement solutions aim at bridging the gap between a field service management company and its clients.

Interact with customers in innovative ways

e-strats provides solutions that let employees at all levels of the company to engage with their customers in innovative ways and it is reshaping how a company thinks about the customer experience.

Our technological solutions help track your customers with the following features:

  • Access to complete customer history

  • Access to customer records

  • Track the billing and work history

  • Email invoices or important updates to the clients

  • Search for customers

  • Send or receive text messages

  • Add notes or special instructions about your customer in the work order

Project Management

Project management refers to the management of a company’s resources, schedules, budgeting and work items. Our technology helps manage complex field service operations with its comprehensive field service project management solution.

Keep everything under your control!

While managing field operations, there is a constant need to juggle many interconnected and correlative tasks; a need for reliable information capture, complete resource management, detailed work order scheduling, and more. e-strats simplifies all the hassle for you, enabling you to execute and control all aspects of the project management right from the start to finish. Take complete control of your projects with our advanced and effective Project management solutions. By managing complex projects confidently, you can improve your efficiency, monitor your budget, and maximize your revenue.

Estimate, plan and track your projects effectively

e-starts helps connect task execution of field operations with project management so that it’s easier to supervise overall progress. Benefit from our advanced project management solutions that help you improve your resource management strategies, project scheduling processes and cost management plans.

Detailed project scheduling

Creating and handling project schedules make it easy for the managers to define their goals and objectives clearly. Once your project is planned, monitor its progress in real time with a complete project overview. For this reason, easy to use Gantt chart functionality shows project status at each phase of project life cycle. In addition to this, there are three different types of views: Calendar view, Grid view and timeline view. These views help the managers observe their plans with respect to time and date.

Time and budget management

Once you’ve scheduled and planned all of the resources you’ll need for a project, you can easily assign human resource or arrange work items based on your requirements. This’ll help you set a proper plan for budget and time management.

Cloud Solutions

Our solutions can be developed on SaaS (Software as a Service) Model allowing your company to manage and access all the useful features through multiple locations and via multiple devices. It includes the benefit of improving computing efficiencies by centralizing storage, memory, and processing.

With a wide range of accessibility options to choose from, as well as flexibility and scalability of the system, our solutions are always up-to-date with the newest trends and at par with the ever-changing technologies. Our solutions can be deployed on multiple platforms like MS Azure or Amazon AW and can be integrated with the different services that these platforms provide.

Take leverage of subscription-based model by reselling it to other businesses based on pay as you go model. This means that you only need to pay for the features you’re using, hence our solutions can also be economical for your business.

Our cloud integrated solutions include:

  • Connecting dynamic applications, services, and data for use

  • Accessibility on different devices

  • Flexibility and scalability of the system

  • Improving efficiency and functioning

  • No limitation on boundaries or on-premises mobility

  • Use of services without the hassle of installation

  • Accessibility from any location through remote access of internet

  • The information is available on all platforms


A wide range of integration options with other platforms are available for businesses. Start integrating popular features and services for enriching experience of Field Service Management Solutions.

E-strats helps integrate the following apps and platforms to provide end-to-end services for all field service operations.

Integration with Google maps, Apple maps and Waze

E-strats supports integration with google maps, apple maps and Waze. The system can map locations by using Maps in real time. This integration lets you use location-based features adding to the overall functionality of your Field Service management company. The advantages include:

  • Routing for technicians to reach the accurate job location using google maps

  • Tracking options for managers to trace the technicians in real time

Integration with TomTom

Work smarter with the different devices of TomTom available for integration. Some of the useful features of integration with TomTom are listed below:

  • Manage and track fleet using powerful tracking features

  • Manage and track the trucks assigned to technicians

  • Get to know the location of technicians using built-in routing

  • Job information can be pushed via TomTom

Integration with multiple payment gateways

e-strats continues to provide payment gateway integrations with, We Pay, Web Pay, Stripe and others. Integration with these payment methods provide real time solutions for:

  • Credit card processing with iPhone/iPad/web

  • Refunds

  • Scheduled payments

  • ACH payments (electronic payment)

Integration with Quick Books and Sage

This integration provides powerful, accurate and reliable accounting software integration and results in a complete, user-friendly accounting process.

Integration with SMS, MMS and Faxing apps

For sending notifications:
Our business solutions help integrate with software such as Soft PABX, Twilio and others to send notifications through SMS/MMS.
For sending documents:
Faxing options are available for sending important documents and invoices to the customers.
Note: You can integrate with multiple other apps based on your requirements.

Mobile Application Development Services

Building up an application is not something that can be done overnight in fact, it requires a lot of effort and time to do so. Whether you are influenced by some fancy apps or you are more into simple yet appealing apps, e-strats mobile application development services can fulfill all of your requirements.

Since 1997, we have been among the leading companies helping individuals as well as businesses succeed online through our apps development services. We have been making apps for Android and iOS based devices, ranging from small ones to huge complex customized ones. We combine widespread app development expertise with unmatchable design and proven processes to custom build distinctive and captivating brand experiences together with quality enterprise level applications that empowered great companies work productively. So far, whatever we have rendered is developed on the basis of best and up-to-date app development practices of the industry.

Additionally, we have a dedicated team of app developers, who gained years of relevant experience by jumping through challenging hoops, can now build any app of any complexity level proficiently. Moreover, our team always helped us carved a market niche by keeping stick with our motto that is; “Leading Technology – Simplified Solutions”. We believe in rendering the best and user-friendly apps with 110% accuracy. Additionally, our team will stand by you throughout the development process right from its conception to implementation even afterwards for support.


The technologies and programming platforms that e-strats mastered in for Mobile application development services are as follows:

  • .NET Framework
  • Objective-C
  • C#
  • IOS, Android, Windows Phone

As far as customer support is concerned, we offer our clients one-on-one session with the developer/s who was responsible for the task. With our highly qualified and experienced team we can assure you that we can deliver you more than you expect since, custom satisfaction is the best way to climb up the ladder of success.

So let it be a simple or complex apps, you just tell us what you want, e-strats Mobile Application development services team have got you covered. Last, but certainly not the least, our work speaks for itself. For free quotes you can always contact our support team or call at our number.