As time goes on, we are becoming more and more mobile. From our day to day tasks to our office tasks, we try to find a way to do everything as quickly and as easily as possible. Business utility apps are on the boom and companies need to implement and make use of these utilities to stay on top of the market. After the growth of social media apps usage on mobile devices, the second most growing category for mobile apps is business and productivity apps and it has about 150% year-on-year growth rate. 

Field Service Business is all about doing the right job at the right time and it takes a lot of management. Almost all the work of Field Service Business takes place out in the field and workers are always on the go. So how to manage all the tasks that happen in the field in a way that can increase productivity and revenue both? Well almost all companies have sales reps that determine the success of a company by closing more deals. To increase productivity and profit, it would mean to support them in a way that they are able to close more deals with ease. How? Through mobile apps such as sales rep app and field worker app, that provides them ease of performing tasks while on the go. These mobile apps not only offer field service optimization but they also bring opportunities for you to grow your business.

Let’s have a look at some of the industries that benefit from field service solutions:

Plumbing Industry

Plumbing Service Management Software allows field workers to manage their inventory and analyze problems with much ease. This results in high work efficiency and more revenue output.

inventory management for plumbing industry

HVAC Industry

HVAC Estimating Software gives workers an insight about the cost of materials and equipment without them having to visit the markets and shops. This saves a lot of time for them and they can easily calculate the total cost and associated charges. This feature also proves to be very helpful in creating invoices easily.

Pharma Industry

Pharmaceutical Sales Software lets pharma companies schedule and assign tasks to their sales reps. They can easily track their sales reps when they are in the field. It also provides routing feature to sales rep so that they can choose the most optimal path to reach a destination on time and complete their task without delays.

sales rep mobile software for pharma industry

Electrical Industry

Electrician Field Service app lets technicians manage their inventory and vehicles in real-time. This means that they always know what parts and tools are required to perform a task and whether they are available or not. As this feature is cloud based, the management can also track the items in the inventory so that they know which items are deployed on what task.

routing and tracking software for electrical industry