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About The Company

Academy Locksmith is in the business of Locks and Security for almost the last 3 decades. They are a nationwide locksmith and security company with numerous technicians stationed throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico to ensure prompt, dependable service.

Academy Locksmith Challenge

The client was previously using excel sheets and manual data collection by the workers/technicians in the field. The paper-based forms and worksheets were then brought to a centralized place where it would get entered in a large workbook with hundreds of columns and many worksheets. This resulted in chunks of data with no proper management and reporting mechanism.

Redundant paper work was done with loose control. Being in a very sensitive business industry dealing with security, client was looking to automate the complete process through a web-based application which can also have a provision for a mobile app which could help workers in field to manage client’s jobs / call slips. Client wanted to reduce data entry, one call slip screen to capture maximum information thus eliminating effort to jump between different screens.

The Solution

e-strats, with help of its parent company IT Link Solutions in California USA, studied as it state for giving the best workable solution. We architected new web-based Field Workers Solution which gave their users an ability to quickly create, edit and assign Call slips. Management got real time updates about jobs in progress, completed and those which are delayed. Powerful reports helped in finding areas which requires improvement and those where revenue streams are not tabbed yet or which requires more efforts. With one-click export functionality, export the reports related to accounting, management and operations.

Workers in field are provided with mobile device which provide up to date status of their location. Advanced integration with Google Maps provided exact routing and location services to company’s technicians to attend the calls much more efficiently. Color coded Call counts provided management with calls status without switching between screens.

The Results

Client’s commercial customers and residential users are very satisfied with timely support due to the implementation of the new web-based system. With easy to use interface, jobs are dispatched to the right technician with drag and drop functionalities.

Get the advantage to ensure that your business locations are safe. Academy Lock Smith business has grown to other states across USA and to Canada and Puerto Rico.