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How this construction company rose from being a small local setup to an internationally recognized brand in less than a year

It’s 100% true when they say that automation reduces the time, effort and money it takes to do manual work while increasing productivity.

This is a story of an infrastructure construction company that revolutionized it’s business completely by opting for a custom software solution by e-strats to manage its commercial building projects.

“Before using the software, our company faced the problems of managing the regular projects. Since we were always worried about managing the current work we just didn’t have enough time to actually track the potential customers, therefore, our new business generation process suffered the consequences” said the CEO

We figured the problem wasn’t with their business model but the way they were managing their operations.  We gave them the assurance of how business management software can lessen their workload giving them enough time to focus on the actual challenge – growing business and accelerating profits!

In the next few meetings, we had a lot of discussions where we tried to identify all their day-to-day struggles. How their team had problems manually entering information into a spreadsheet every time an inquiry would come up, how they would lose track of all the progress, client information which they tried even managing with worksheets, crm, inventory application, accounting software and loads of paperwork.

After the second meeting, e-strats team sat down and formulated a Roadmap that addressed all the identified issues/shortcomings. Over the period of the next few months, our team carefully built a full-fledged project management and workforce management solution based on the requirements.

“When the software was ready to be launched, we were actually very excited because the client was going to be so relieved by replacing many software applications they needed to use with this one centralized cloud solution” Project Manager e-strats

The day came when the solution was successfully deployed on the SaaS Architecture and made available to the client via any and every device. The power of this cloud-based solution stunned the customer with its flexibility and ease of use at such an affordable cost.

“We thought a solution like this would cost us a fortune and we wouldn’t be able to recover the loss afterward. But the impact it had on our business was MIND BLOWING” said the Construction Company Owner

The Complete Technology Powered Solution

The software had an undeniable impact on the business for the customers who wanted to automate their end to end construction process. Features were developed to create and handle project schedules and help users maintain a solid line of communication with their subcontractors and customers. 

The complete solution was developed on Software as a Service model, allowing its customers to use the complete set of features while paying on a monthly basis. With the software, companies also can develop project proposals that include costs, markups and profit margins.

Google Maps integration helped workers to pinpoint work area directions and geographical details along with required latitude and longitude.

This industry-specific Field Management Software was designed for mobility; it can be used on a PDA out in the field.  Our software solution emerged as a turnkey software that unites just about every aspect of an infrastructure development business, from construction to service into one solution.  It is an ideal solution for companies developing infrastructures for telecom and power generation companies.

Did you know?

We don’t just provide service management software for infrastructure builders. e-strats provides custom solutions for every business exactly according to their needs. We’d love to show you how easy-to-use our software solutions are as compared to all these other systems you may be using, just schedule a demo with us!

The infrastructure builders are now spending their time in marketing efforts as this solution helped them automate all their current process reducing the dependency on paperwork to ZERO.


A cross-platform mobile app integrated with back-office system streamlines technicians and workers for task and project management. The native Mobile app helps our clients to work in the field with much more ease and efficiency.